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Benefits of Baby Oil

You have probably seen different baby care products a million times. One of the talked about ones is baby oil. Baby oil is a liquid substance, which is composed of mineral oil, aloe vera extract, vitamin A, vitamin E, honey, coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax and some natural aromatic compounds. Benefits of baby oil, Succinctly, baby oil is a wonderful organic ingredient to enjoy time with your little angels and helps you bond with them. It is really an amazing product for baby’s sensitive skin And about baby oil, there are some misconceptions, which are eons away from reality. 

Some people mull that baby oil is an artificial product, which is not so useful in reality but they are wrong. The ingredients in baby oil are usually 98 % mineral oil and some other natural ingredients, and 2% fragrance. Mineral oil is controversial in skin care to many people who think that it is harmful to their skin, let alone to the skin of their babies. They take it for granted that it is very dangerous for skin. And therefore, they avoid using it but there is nothing wrong with using mineral oil either on your skin or on your baby s. This ingredient can be great for skin. Mineral oil does not change or react with other substances that it comes in contact with. It won t block your pores. It sits on top of your skin and creates a protective barrier for it. Therefore your skin will not lose moisture. This ingredient will soften and soothe your skin and will help it keep moisture. As a matter of fact, baby oil is not just for babies; it has versatile uses. 

Although baby oil is mainly used to keep the baby’s skin moisturized and recuperate dry skin issue, it has many more uses for the hair of kids and adults. You can use baby oil in hair to make it smooth and silky. However, it is thicker than regular hair oils. So, do not use it a lot. This is a hair treatment. You can do it once a couple of weeks. At first, warm the baby oil. Then massage it into hair and the scalp. Cover it with a shower cap and leave it to sit overnight. Next morning, wash it over many times with cold and warm water alternatively. This will help you remove much of the oil and keep only as much as your hair wants. It will make your hair smoother and silkier. 

Baby oil has a plethora of applications in keeping skin healthy. In cold climate, apply baby oil when skin feels numb.


 It creates an extra layer of heat insulation and so cold temperature cannot affect the skin much. Moreover, it heals heel cracks. Apply baby oil on heel cracks for a few days and then wear socks over it. It will make your feet smoother. Furthermore, most of us have flaky skin in winter. The use of baby oil will relieve your worries about flakiness. In addition, many times the skin under the eyes runs dry. Use baby oil to keep the skin protected. It is also very effective to remove makeup .Not only that, you can use baby oil on shaved skin to soothe irritation and make it smoother. Indeed, baby oil can be great for your skin to keep its health benefits of baby oil.

Baby oil has other uses too. It works great to clear baby diaper rash. It may also prevent stretch marks to some extent. People, having acne, can apply baby oil on acne prone skin as mineral oil is Non Comedogenic. Moreover, benefits of baby oil,  baby oil is anti-inflammatory and therefore reduces pain and swelling in insect bites. In addition, massaging this oil on skin makes it look tanned without removing skin hair. Furthermore, you can peel a bandage without losing hair by applying some baby oil on its edges. It works on leather products too. When you are out of shoe polish, apply some baby oil on your shoes to shine them. Its use also helps stuck zippers move freely and removes spots and dirt from PVC products. In everyday life you also use different machines which require lubricants to function well. Baby oil works as a lubricant too. You can use it on machine parts in the house as a lubricant. And they will function better. In fact these are some of the important uses of baby oil apart from the usual ones. 

Baby oil is a lovely organic product, which is a faithful companion of your innocent babies under the Sun but around us there are some people who always unlock negative views on each and every good thing. And they do not spare baby oil too but truth never remains hidden for long. Ultimately it comes to light, dispelling the dark curtain of falsehood. And it is true of baby oil ,which is great for both the kids and adults. Alongside personal application, it has other uses which make it a singular one. Despite all of its benefits, you must steer clear from its overuse. Only then you will be able to enjoy the blessings of baby oil to the fullest extent.

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