About us

The name defines it all. ReviewParks, where going through reviews is as easy as walking through the park. Our aim is to make things easy for you. It’s basically a video review based website where all our videos are devised to help you choose your pick on a wide variety of products.

Our videos are short and precise and they guide you to more detailed reviews on written articles that you can find on our website. We also rate them for you and our team of experts are ever ready for any kind of updates.

You will never miss anything if you are on ReviewParks.

Why ReviewParks?
We are not a gigantic website filled with misleading reviews. Each and everything you will find here is true to the core. On our things are made really easy and precise for you. We are not gonna brag about ourselves. Rather, why don’t you take a tour of the website and you will find for yourself, why we are different from others.

The website basically started as a regular Amazon affiliate review website. Later on, we have found out that videos are the thing that can help you the most. A lot can be explained in a 5-minute video that needs an article of 1000 words.

With that in mind, we tend to design our videos on Youtube. For further explanations, there’s this website backing it up. All of these started in 2017 and the rest is before you. We are gradually working our way up the review site ladder.

We have many more things planned for you. Stay with us and you’ll be surprised.

How does ReviewParks work? 
The first thing that we should note, ReviewParks works for you. The aim is to provide you with proper guidelines by reviewing the products. Our actual weapons are our videos and to back those videos up we have our articles.

There is a team of editors and each and everyone is experts in their respective fields. We aren’t going to disclose their identity here so that you get authentic and non-biased reviews. Here is the working methodology of ReviewParks.

  • Things start with selecting the product. We do it by consumer demands. Suppose, you want to know reviews of Turntables or Hover Boards, what you have to do is let us know. We will enlist it and the products getting more votes are reviewed serially.
  • Depending on the type of the product, we hand it to our respective experts and his or her team for reviewing. They make their planning and get to work.
  • If the products fit our budget (no, we won’t buy Lambos or Ferraris just for the sake of reviewing) we bring them to our office and hand it over our editors for having a firsthand experience with them.
  • They personally meet long-term users of a particular product and listens to their share of experience with that product. This is how we get to know the good and bad sides of a product. The pros and cons and their level of satisfaction are judged on this point.
  • The information we gather about a product is constantly cross-checked on different points to ensure that you are served only the truth and nothing but the truth.
  • Depending on the data our experts gather, the 10 best products are selected and critically reviewed in written format.
  • Then those reviews are sent towards our creative team who turns them into pinpointed short and precise videos.
  • 3D modeling of the individual products is also done so that you can have a better understanding of what you are going to buy.
  • After admin approvals, the videos and articles are then published on our website and Youtube channel.

Well, this is just a short overview of how ReviewParks work. There are many more things that go into the story. But everything we do is to help you get the best product for yourself. 

How do you benefit from ReviewParks?

Have you ever given the matter the thought? Are product review based websites really leading you to the right path? Yes, things can be a bit tricky for you from time to time. Selecting a product on your own is not an easy thing.

That’s why ReviewParks will provide you with everything you need to know about your desired products on both video and written format. These reviews are entirely non-biased and we aren’t anyhow benefited from the manufacturers.

What you have to do is go through our videos and if you want things in more details, you have the review articles and info articles accompanying them. All of these things are designed to make you an expert from an ordinary consumer.

How is ReviewsParks funded?

You will be amazed to know that you are the one who’s funding ReviewParks. Everything about this started from a single computer and gradually it’s working its way up on the review game. We came this far without any outer help and wish to go a long way with your little help. Don’t worry! You don’t have to donate anything to us. What you have to click on the Amazon product links on our videos and articles and shop. That’s how we’ll get a tiny share from your purchase. That’s all we need and hope for.

How do you connect with ReviewParks?

We are always listening. What you have to do is drop a message on the contact us section. One of our experts will personally get back to you as soon as possible. You can tell anything. e.g.

  • Demand product reviews
  • Add any type of comment on any particular article or video (although, there’ll be a dedicated comment section)
  • Ask for expert’s advice regarding any product or practically anything.
  • If you want to share your user experience with us, you are most welcome. Let us know what you think about a product if you become a fan of ReviewParks.
  • Practically, the contact us section is a window of endless opportunity for you and for us as well. Unlike other websites, we have opened it up to share and connect with you. You can also call it our customer service window if you like.

Whatever the reason is, we’re just here on the other side of the window to come up with a solution to your problems.