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Electric Toothbrush for Your Kids

Electric Toothbrush for Your Kids

We know your concern. Is an electric toothbrush safe for your kid? This article will clear things for you.
There are some things that you should know when it comes to electric toothbrushes and kids. We are going to talk about it in details below. Why don’t you take a look at the article and then decide whether you are gonna buy toothbrushes for your kids or not? 

Is an Electric Toothbrush Right for Your Kids?

The first thing to note is children’s teeth and gums are sensitive. They are not like ours that can take the sheer power of the high end sixty thousand strokes per second toothbrushes. Other than these, it’s okay actually. We know how many times you have reminded your children to brush their teeth. Sometimes it becomes a boring and monotones activity to them.

Having an electric toothbrush will certainly encourage your children by brushing regularly as it makes the whole boring everyday experience fun and exciting. Electric toothbrushes that are suitable for your kids should be a detuned model of the regular electric ones. This is deliberately done so that it may not prove harmful to the kids.

What Features to Look for in Kids Electric Toothbrushes?

There are some things that should be specifically checked out before getting a toothbrush for your kid. Otherwise, it can be potentially harmful to them and will do no good. Take a look at the things the features that our experts have enlisted for you. 

• Kid’s toothbrushes whether it’s electric or manual must have softer bristles. The lower the age of the kid the softer the bristles should be. 

• Kids must be able to hold the toothbrush comfortably and it shouldn’t slip from the hand and the brushing direction should be easy to change. So, when you are getting an electric toothbrush for your kid, make sure that it has good ergonomics. 

• Less Powerful electric toothbrushes are better for the kids actually. The motor should be optimized for children’s use. It should be a between ten to twenty thousand strokes per second toothbrush which will be appropriate for children’s use

• The size of the toothbrush should also be brought under consideration. When you are getting a new toothbrush to make sure that the brush can cover all the teeth. These brushes often come in different sizes and you should be aware of the fact. The first stage toothbrushes are the smaller ones. They can support kids from their first four to twenty-four months. The second stage toothbrushes should be allowed form two to four years. These two stages offer the most sensitive electric toothbrushes and they are almost like feathers on the teeth and gums of the children. The next two stages are better suited for kids from 3 to 12 years. After that, the kids should be able to use regular toothbrushes.
• Your child may not like the electric toothbrush if it makes too much noise or vibrates too much. That’s why we’d recommend you the brushes that are relatively silent and makes less vibration in the hand. A lot of people think that silent toothbrushes are not that good in terms of performance. Well, they are wrong as there are some excellent calm and quiet models on the market that perform really well. 

• Also, some electric toothbrushes that kids can use come with some other special attractions and safety features that make things more interactive, interesting and safe for the kids. Don’t forget to check them out before you get one for your kiddo. Also, pay attention to the usability section more than anything else. Make sure that the toothbrush that you are going to buy is suitable for your child. 

Care for Your Kid’s Toothbrush and Oral Health

• The first thing that you need to make sure is, the toothbrush mustn’t get shared. If you have more than one kid you must buy toothbrushes of different colors or somehow place them on differently to ensure that they don’t get mixed up. This applies for adult’s toothbrushes too. 

• You have to encourage your kids to brush regularly. The best thing you can do is brush with your kids in the morning and at night. This way you will be able to guide them in proper brushing techniques and habits and cross check that they are doing so. 

Close up portrait of little girl brushing teeth.Isolated on white background.

• After your kids are done brushing their teeth thoroughly clean and rinse the brush with tap water. Use warm water if possible. This way not only the remaining foam of the toothpaste will wash away but along with it any sort of derbies will go away too. This part is really important for oral health. 

• The toothbrush tip should be changed after every three or four months. After frequent use, the bristles of the toothbrush tip frays and becomes worn out. Children’s toothbrushes’ tips fade away faster than adult’s that why you have to check out the condition of the bristles of the tip. You should replace them as soon as they are done. However, before getting the electric toothbrush for your kiddo make sure that it comes with separable tips and the tips are available as spares. Otherwise, the toothbrush will be of no use after four or five months max. 



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